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scenar-pain-reliefWelcome to Natasha Lazzerini Holistic Health Therapy.

Natasha Lazzerini BA (Hons), APNT, ITEC, FENACO specialises in Scenar-Cosmodic Therapy for pain relief, Sports and Remedial Massage, Deep-tissue Massage, Trigger point therapy, Reflexology and Energy Healing.

Natasha has over 10 years experience in Massage therapy on the Costa del Sol, Spain. She is frequently requested for her unique approach in resolving painful conditions and for the dedication and kindness she shows her clients. During the last decade Natasha has had the privilege to train with numerous incredible teachers including: renowned physiotherapist and author Jane Johnson, Vivienne Constad – Scenar-Cosmodic expert and the internationally acclaimed healer Mark Bajerski of Pure Energy Healing.

Natasha worked for over 6 years as resident masseuse at the multi-award winning el Oceano Hotel and Spa, Marbella before establishing her own treatment centre in the beautiful region of Manilva.

Natasha’s signature treatment is Scenar-Cosmodic Therapy. She was the first practitioner to introduce this revolutionary and highly effective pain relief treatment to the Costa del Sol.

“Scenar is the most successful technology for the reduction of pain that I have used in 35 years in pain management.”
Dr Mike Shapow, PhD, RPT

  • Do you suffer with aches and pains ?
  • Have you recently sustained an injury ?
  • Does medication no longer help you ?

If the answer is yes then Scenar Therapy may well be the solution you have been looking for.

Scenar is a safe, short pulse electrotherapy which works non-invasively through the skin with a constantly varying signal or impulse known as Biofeedback. This impulse instructs your nervous system to generate waves of Neuropeptides; the key biochemicals (proteins) needed by your body to heal itself.

Scenar can help provide relief from a wide range of health issues, often when nothing else has worked. It can be highly effective in many forms of pain relief including: neck/back pain, sports injuries, frozen shoulder, whiplash, vertigo, arthritis, RSI, headaches, sciatica and neurological pain, bruises and fractures, amongst many others. Scenar’s long-term results make it one of the most effective of all the complementary therapies.

In 2011 Natasha trained in the latest and most effective Scenar technology: “Scenar-Cosmodic” with Vivienne Constad, one of the most experienced Scenar therapists in Europe and official representative of LET Medical UK. Natasha uses the most technologically advanced Scenar device in her practice: the “Scenar-Cosmodic Modific”.

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