What is Scenar ?

What is Scenar Therapy?

Scenar Therapy is a form of bio-energy medicine invented by Russian scientists and can be classified as short-pulse electrotherapy. The Scenar is a small hand-held device, which works non-invasively through the skin with a constantly varying signal or impulse known as Biofeedback. This impulse instructs your nervous system to generate waves of Neuropeptides; the key biochemicals (proteins) needed by your body to heal itself. The Scenar gently activates nearly all systems throughout the body. Using well-established reflex zones called dermatones, it treats a wide variety of disorders through the meridians and nervous system, gently balancing the body’s systems to promote the best possible environment for the individual to heal naturally.

Scenar has been proven to be very effective in treating: many forms of pain relief including: neck/back pain, sports injuries, frozen shoulder, vertigo, whiplash, arthritis and aching joints, RSI, headaches, IBS, sciatica and neurological pain, bruises and fractures. Scenar can be provided as a stand alone treatment or as is often the case given in conjunction with traditional massage therapies for maximum results.

Not onlpatient ay did I feel an enormous improvement after the second treatment, it was the 5th treatment, I believe, when I was almost pain free and had more or less the full mobility of my shoulder restored.

B.Gantner-Caplan, Las Chapas

“I cannot express enough my overwhelming appreciation of your professionalism and skill in the speed that you 100% healed my injury. The Scenar is an amazing piece of equipment !”

Julia Provenzani, La Cala Hills

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B.B.C. WORLD SERVICE TRANSMISSION – 9.30am 9th November 1999 – Edited statement of Alexander Karosev – a founder of the SCENAR device Recovered edited ~osev Duration: 4, 15″

How does it work?

The SCENAR works by making the body’s own Immune system operate more efficiently. Technically it is a very complicated device which sends electronic impulses via the skin to the brain – but it was designed to be used by anybody without any special medical training. You just hold it over the affected area or organ and it sends an amplified signal of pain to the brain. This causes the brain to trigger the body’s immune system and presto, after only a few minutes of treatment, the patient starts feeling much better.

We have been using the SCENAR for 20 years now and have had numerous miraculous recoveries. If a patient comes in on crutches, he just forgets about their existence, leaving them behind in the doctor’s surgery as if he never had them.

How did the device come to be developed?

It all began when the whole of our family got food poisoning. It was an awful time and I lost my sister. But one thing I realized was that Conventional medicine – all those modern pills and potions – did not help. I had in fact studied reflexology and acupuncture for many years but these didn’t seem to work either – so I realized that there was a need for something else. Of course we weren’t the first who thought about sending electronic signals to the brain but we managed to refine the technique; to make the signal similar to that carried in a body’s nerve tissue – after distortion caused by the skin, fat and suchlike.

Who was involved? Where were you based?

I worked for many years on the medical program at the Cosmonaut Training Centre and they were doing something similar there. But I’d stared working on the device even before that in my home town – Taganrog. I only demonstrated it to the space program scientists once I’d made the first operating version and had achieved successful results.

So was it used in space?

The space program was controlled by the military and they ordered something slightly different. I didn’t think the device they wanted worked quite so well but I did my best anyway. They were planning to use the SCENAR in later space projects – like Buran for example – but then the Soviet Union fell apart. Recently various cosmonauts have wanted to take it up into space and test it outside the official medical program, but this hasn’t quite worked out yet.

What proof have you got that it actually works?

If I had to prove it to you it would probably take me about 10 minutes. I can demonstrate it on anything – even the – wrinkles on the skin, Rejuvenation. If you compare the treated and non-treated parts of the face, for instance, you can see the difference clearly. Or if you have a bruise somewhere – it’ll take 10-15 minutes to demonstrate initial effect. I have introduced the SCENAR to maternity hospitals and it heals all the bruises and traumas in newly born babies within a few minutes.

It even works on such difficult-to-cure diseases as psoriasis. People, who have suffered for 15 years, can forget about their skin traumas and their asthma after only about ten sessions.

The important thing to remember is that the device is not in itself a cure. It merely stimulates your own immune system – uses your body’s own potential. In fact the less you are poisoned by chemical drugs and hormonal medicines, the more response we can get using the SCENAR and the greater the chance of recovery.

Have you benefited at all in medical terms?

I myself have not used any drugs for 15 years. I do not remember what tablets you use for a headache. I always use the SCENAR. When my children were little, the teachers in the kindergarten were really annoyed with me because my children would still be at school when all the other kids were down with flu. They said, “Can’t you keep them at home like everyone else.” Basically, they wanted to go home themselves and the only reason they had to be at school was to look after my children.

How about the financial rewards Have you profited from the invention?

I have not benefited yet. I have tended to shy away from publicity – because it is bad for the creative process. In fact, this is my first interview ever. But other people of course have taken advantage of the device. One doctor was treating a large number of senior politicians saying that the device was from Japan. But it doesn’t bother me. My ultimate aim is that the SCENAR should become readily available to families worldwide – so that people could have it there in their first aid boxes and treat themselves. It really is the most reliable thing.

B.B.C. WORLD SERVICE TRANSMISSION -9.30am 9th November 1999

Edited statement of Alexander Karosev – a founder of the SCENAR device Recovered Edited Karosev Duration: 4′ 15″



Organisms have a finite amount of energy which must be allocated to all the functions of the organism. This covers everything from the emotional and spiritual functions to the physical and biochemical processes of life. It is important that there is a reserve of energy in readiness for any eventuality, for without energy there is no functional capability. From the most basic of instincts there are three fundamental necessities – 1. Procreation of the species 2. Input of energy to replace that which is being used, i.e. feeding 3. Ability to flee from danger or fight it

In order to be competent in these necessities the organism does not need to be 100%. It is therefore logical that an insult to the organism need only be repaired to the point where the organism can fundamentally function. To complete a healing process beyond this point is inefficient in terms of energy utilization. Problems occur when this incomplete healing process has knock-on effects elsewhere in the organism or where a function is required which necessitates 100% functional capability, eg. sport.

The finite energy idea also fits into the model of organs having high and low activity periods throughout the day and night. It is more efficient to stagger the energy requirements between the organs rather than have all organs active and inactive together, which would lead to both extremes of energy requirement. Embryology

Very early in embryological development there were three distinct layers:

  1. Endoderm: the innermost layer of cells which develop and differentiate into the internal organs.
  2. Mesoderm: the middle layer of cells which develop and differentiate into connective tissue, bone and muscle.
  3. Ectoderm: the outermost layer of cells which develop and differentiate into skin, nails, hair and the Nervous System.

It could be argued that the skin is part of the Nervous system as it is the physical interface between the external organism and the environment. The skin has millions of nerve-ending receptors within its structure to enable the organism to obtain information regarding the environment. Without these it would be impossible to maintain homeostasis. The Nervous System plays a major role in regulating the body function as a whole. It is possible to regulate the body’s systemic functions through influencing the skin, mediated by the Nervous System

Conventional Anatomy and Embryology do not recognize the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meridians and acupuncture points. It is not known how cells linked through these TCM phenomena are linked embryologically. It may well be that there is a close relationship of which we are totally unaware that would explain the seemingly distant relationships in the mature organism. How do we know that Meridians and Acupoints exist?

There have been experiments where Acupuncture points have been found through mapping skin electrical resistances. Acupuncture point resistance is approximately half that of the surrounding skin. Dr Reinhold Voll used his findings as the basis of Electro-acupuncture. Later in the 1970s, Professor Tiller of Stanford University, California, found the same phenomenon quite by chance. Other Scientists have found that cells can communicate easily with adjacent cells through the close linkage of glycocalyx junctions. This may be the basis of the flow of Qi. Meridians have been found to follow anatomical pathways along muscle borders and tendons. There has also been postulation that the frequency of this communication lies in the millimetre wavelengths from 1 to l0mm which is equivalent to 30- 300 GHz. These frequencies have come about because the Earth’s atmosphere absorbs these radiation wavelengths from the sun, which means there is no outside interference for our body’s communication. Perhaps dinosaurs used a wavelength which at some point the atmosphere ceased to filter. The interference from external radiations may have been sufficient to alter the dinosaur’s ability to self-regulate, leading to mass extinction?

Whatever the theories regarding the existence of Qi, Meridians and Acupoints there has always been the challenge to prove the theory beyond the effects brought about by Acupuncture needling. It is now possible to visualize these acupuncture points and projections of the Channels using the Acuvision-04 developed by Dr. Romen Avagyan and Dr. Mikhail Teppone in Moscow. This device inputs a high voltage to the grounded organism (animal or plant). Since acupuncture points have a lower electrical resistance than the surrounding skin, the energy discharges through these points depend upon the state of the meridian channels. By covering the area in a dialectric, the corona discharge can be seen. The relative brightness of the points indicates an excess or deficiency of energy within the meridian. The imbalance can be corrected by air-ion therapy using either the negative or positive electrode of the Acuvision.

The Antel device measures the energy of the meridians. The Antel is linked to a PC to enable analysis of the readings. Sophisticated software allows the relative balance of the channels to be investigated based on TCM fundamentals. This allows the operator to determine the fundamental cause of a problem to enable efficient and effective treatment to be performed.

The ability to treat with EHF-puncture in the GHz range using the Artsakh device allows the optimum frequency for effect using traditional Acupuncture theory.

It is clear that modern quantum science has finally caught up with ancient TCM.

Theory of Homoeostasis

The body is continually influenced by external stimuli which may or may not be consciously detectable. The body reacts to resist these external forces to maintain the internal environment within an optimal functional range. The Central Nervous System (CNS) and local neural reflexes control the body’s reaction to these stimuli. No two people experience exactly the same stimuli which are continuous and infinitely variable. Indeed an individual will only experience a certain set of stimuli once in a lifetime. A stimulus focused on one point in the body will have a lesser effect on surrounding tissue. The stronger the stimulus, the greater the spread of influence to surrounding structures. This can be likened to the spreading of ripples from dropping a stone into a pond. The “spread” stops once the stimulus becomes sub-threshold for the receptors. All areas influenced by the stimulus will initiate a homoeostatic loop of control, none of which will take identical paths.

Since we argue now that we are energy beings (or information fields if you progress the argument a step further) a stimulus as well as being physical will have an energetic influence in terms of effect on the resonances and vibrations of molecules within membranes. The spread of this influence is not limited unless the new vibration is cancelled out in some way. Individual membrane vibrations sum together to give an overall resonance of tissues which will in turn influence surrounding tissues. The influence of these vibrational changes will only cause a functional disturbance if the overall resonances are altered beyond the “normal” range. These changes in resonances are important.

The body’s response to an ever-changing set of stimuli must therefore by definition be ever-changing itself, if it is to achieve the objective of maintaining the body within narrow margins. This is termed DYNAMIC regulation. Repetitive stimuli of a single type (eg sound) can be filtered out at the CNS level. However because the body receives many different types of stimuli, the regulation remains dynamic overall. This filtering of a stimulus is termed accommodation.

The body cannot accommodate to stimuli lower than 5 Hz in frequency. Therapeutic stimuli below 5 Hz are limited to success with pain relief only. The body will also accommodate to long duration stimuli. SCENAR impulses are therefore very short in duration in the order of 5 µsec impulses at a frequency greater than 15 Hz.

Nerve fibres are classified according to nerve diameter, speed of conduction, neurotransmitter and function. Although the slowest (due to their being unmyelinated) C-fibres account for around 90% of nerves within the body.

All nerves have a synapse with another nerve. A synapse is a gap between the nerve fibers. In order for the nerve impulse to bridge this gap, neurotransmitters are released across the gap to receptors on the other side. This arrangement is uni-directional and nerves are therefore able to be grouped according to the direction of impulse travel. Afferent nerves conduct impulses towards the CNS. Efferent nerves conduct away from the CNS to a target cell or organ which responds by movement, or function, to maintain homoeostasis.

There are various types of neurotransmitter which are usually specific to a certain type of nerve or function. Neuropeptides are co-neurotransmitters and were the last group to be discovered. They degenerate down a cascade creating other neuropeptides and bio-active compounds. Different neuropeptides and other bio-active compounds are specific for different systems. Thus a bio-active compound low down in the cascade of degeneration can be biologically active elsewhere in the body from where the originating neuropeptide was released. It is therefore possible that all systems can be influenced by the degenerating cascade albeit at sequential points in time. Neuropeptides also influence cellular activity at the DNA level by altering genome structure to either increase or decrease gene expression.

SCENAR was developed to have its major influence on neuropeptides. Although possible to treat anywhere on the body, fastest results are achieved by releasing the specific neuropeptides to mediate the desired healing process. It is not uncommon to find that secondary problems are addressed by the body weeks or months after the initial treatment as a result of other neuropeptides released from the degeneration cascade.

The fundamental influence of neuropeptides differs from system to system.

  1. Musculoskeletal System
  2. Cardiovascular System decreasing
  3. Respiratory System neuropeptide
  4. Gastrointestinal System influence
  5. Male Urogenital System
  6. Female Urogenital system

Most neuropeptides are produced in the Solar Plexus with C-fibres being mostly responsible for production and distribution. Neuropeptides are also involved in memory regulation. SCENAR treatment will therefore address not only the systemic influences of pathology but also the psycho-emotional aspects. SCENAR therapy can be used to treat specific CNS disturbances such as epilepsy and will also normalize “backward” individuals.

SCENAR treatment alters nerve physiology such that Refractory Times where a nerve cannot normally conduct another impulse are shortened. In this way SCENAR treatment is 100% safe. A SCENAR device cannot input an electrical impulse into the body without the body being able to respond. By altering the input signal in every way possible such that no two consecutive signals are identical, the body cannot accommodate to the signal and is forced to respond without habituation.

Input signals to the body are very similar in form to natural nerve impulses. The SCENAR device modifies the pathological signal to the brain so that the brain becomes aware of it and thereby triggers an increased response to the pathology. Healing times are markedly reduced and more dramatic as a result of the massive response to SCENAR treatment signals.

Pain relief using SCENAR treatment has been found to be more profound than using narcotics due to the neuropeptide cascade effect. This was tested on cancer patients and people with bone fractures.


Systemic disease is a symptom of a failure on the part of the Nervous System to regulate homoeostasis. The body is in a delicate balance between the Immune System and “foreign” matter be it an external infectious pathogen, a result of sub-optimal metabolic pathways or cancer cells for example. Systemic treatment will not be wholly effective unless the nervous aspects are also addressed. The same failure of Nervous System regulation can manifest in multiple systems.

Normal regulation is a dynamic process with no two regulatory pathways to and from the CNS being identical. In a pathological situation, the regulatory impulses are identical local reflexes which cut out the CNS control. These identical regulatory local reflexes become self-perpetuating. Without CNS involvement in the regulation the pathological area, the body has adapted to the pathological situation and the CNS ceases to be aware of the problem.

Cells are multifunctional. This allows the pathology to spread over a period of time to areas reliant in some way on the area of original pathology. This ultimately leads to organ dysfunction. Cellular and organ exhaustion become inevitable.

Neuropeptides alter the regulatory pathway, re-introducing higher CNS involvement in the regulation. This breaks the repetitive pathological cycle and allows cellular and organ recovery. Recovery speed depends on the level of pathology with regard to the spiral of non-specific body reactions. Chronic pathology is therefore likely in theory and in practice to take longer to recover.

Non-specific Body Reactions

Pathological conditions can be categorized in order of severity according to non-specific body reactions which manifest as symptoms.

  1. Stress
  2. Training Reaction
  3. Activation Reaction
  4. Strong Activation Reaction

The pathway between the levels can be likened to a spiral with a regular spacing (co-efficient = 1.2) between levels. The cycle of 4 categories repeat continuously. Two presentations which appear to be identical and have symptoms which fall into the category of “stress” may be pathologically different depending on how deep-seated or chronic the problem has become.

This would explain the “healing reaction” where a condition appears to get worse before it gets better. In this scenario the presenting symptoms are at a deeper cycle. The various levels must be passed through sequentially as healing occurs. This model also explains the different reactions sometimes experienced with the same dose of drugs. Between the levels of the spiral there are “dead” areas (with the same co-efficient of 1.2) where the body does not respond. The situation may be envisaged as 2 interlinking spirals: one of reaction; the other of non-reaction. The whole body is involved in these non- specific body reactions. Thus blood samples can be used to distinguish the level of non-specific body reaction.

SCENAR therapy addresses not only the systemic pathology but also the CNS involvement, ie. the psycho emotional effect of conditions. In harmonizing the whole body, the treatment will correct basic stress leading to normalization of sleep and appetite etc.

It should be noted that it is possible for a patient to block the action of SCENAR at the CNS level.

It is now obvious that the CNS aspect of pathology is the most important area to correct. It has been observed with very skeptical patients that systemic improvements have been achieved very rapidly but these are short-lived due to the patient blocking the cure at the CNS level.

Roger Meacock BVSc MRCVS