Deep-tissue Massage: muscular stiffness following lumber spinal fusion surgery

“I visited Natasha for deep tissue work following major back surgery. I found her technical knowledge to be excellent and within just one session significant improvement in my comfort. I have continued to use her as she continues to make a marked improvement in my recovery. She is highly professional, knowledgeable and I would have no hesitation to recommend her.”

Gordon Kay
Director: Infiniti Yachts
Monaco and Sotogrande


Deep-tissue Massage and Reflexology: Cyclist

“I have visited spas all over the world and can state with some experience that the service provided by Natasha is truly ‘world class’. Natasha’s knowledge and skills are simply the best, she genuinely has healing hands and has made a real difference to my health and wellbeing. I would particularly recommend Natasha for deep tissue sports massage, reflexology and pain relief, she really is an expert in her field. I recommend Natasha with some hesitation because I don’t want her to be too busy for me!”

Simon Lester
Chairman & CEO
London and Sotogrande


SCENAR, Sports and Deep-tissue Massage, Rehabilitation exercises: Whiplash and Stroke

“Scenar (pain relief therapy), Deep Tissue Massage, Rehabilitation – this extremely qualified lady has it all, and above all a huge compassion and commitment to help and heal her clients. I had suffered for more than thirty years with a painful neck following whiplash from a car accident. Periodically over the years I would have another “purge” in trying to find treatments/solutions for this constant pain. I would try new doctors, new set of X-rays and physio, even acupuncture one time, but nothing worked. Then a year ago I was talking to a lady who informed me she had a very bad back and just couldn’t cope if it weren’t for this amazing lady called Natasha. So I decided yet again to have another try with another professional one last time. And I am so thankful to have been introduced to Natasha.

From the very first appointment I could feel tremendous relief. I was actually lost for words to describe how surprised I was as I think I was just going through the motions really. She was the first person to be able to reach exactly where nobody else had before. She is very dedicated to obtaining a full client history before anything else and each session with her is thorough.

When my 90 year old father had a stroke last December we asked Natasha for help. At first the stroke left him unable to use his right side but that returned for the most part in a couple of days. He was very weak still on his right side. Natasha has been marvellous with him not only with treatment but going thoroughly into his nutrition and mental exercises to keep his positivity up for ongoing recovery.

The Scenar machine was excellent here and the combination of that wonderful machine with Deep-tissue massage and very patient rehabilitation exercises has seen my father recover to a level I truly believe would not have happened if we had to rely on the service he would have received in the UK. He has macular degeneration which naturally impairs his confidence as his sight is very poor now but Natasha has a knack of really lifting him. I think besides her depth of skills she can spiritually reach her clients as well and pass on that glowing energy. Thank you Natasha – please don’t move !!”

Vanessa Woolley (and Dad Cyril Giles)

Reflexology: Sesamoiditis and stress relief

“Natasha is a highly skilled Reflexologist with a natural flair for her work and a deep interest in the welfare of her patients. Not only did she know exactly what to do and what part of the foot to work on to alleviate my symptoms but she was able to comment intelligently on other areas for which I had not specifically sought treatment. It is obvious that Natasha takes much pride and great interest in what she does as she has done extensive research into my own symptoms in her own time and entirely off her own back and come up with excellent suggestions and recommendations, even obtaining a shoe insert on my behalf from America. Having been until recently an arch sceptic Natasha is one of those I suspect quite rare practitioners who has completely converted me to the benefits of this form of treatment, even more impressive in light of the complete failure of conventional medicine to resolve my condition. Well done Natasha.”



Deep-tissue / Relaxation Massage: Headaches, Back and Shoulder pain

I recently spent a month in Spain with my whole family as we were celebrating an anniversary. We decided to treat ourselves to a massage and someone recommended Natasha. As all of us are used to a very professional and good massage from my aunt and we were not necessarily expecting any massive changes, just a comfortable massage. It turned out that Natasha was extremely professional and skilled and all of us experienced a big change. My headaches went away, my sister in law got rid of a stubborn shoulder pain and my mother who suffers from back pain felt a big relief. Natasha was very sweet and helpful as well as she offered to come to us to massage a few of us on the same day.  My little niece loved having her around so much that she wrote her a card and got a complementary massage as a thank you – so sweet and it made her day! Needless to say we rebooked and many of us had a massage two or three times during our stay. Thank you Natasha, I will definitely contact you again next time I’m out.

Helga Jensdóttir
Success Coach
Iceland / Manilva, Spain


Deep Tissue / Relaxation Massages

My husband and I live in San Enrique and we were recommended Natasha by a friend. She comes to our house and sets up the massage table in the shade of our tree (or in the aircon when it’s too hot) and we both have a Deep-tissue massage. My husband says “She knows her stuff, firm yet sensitive, results without pain”.
Natasha is one of the best masseuses I have ever used (and I do enjoy a massage). She’s very professional, understanding and her technique is superb. I recommended her to everyone!

Katie and Adrian Mardin
San Enrique, Sotogrande


mark 2SCENAR: Broken shoulder

“Last year I was involved in a serious motorbike accident. I found myself lying on the ground after flying across the road from my bike, and I ended up in a hospital bed with a broken shoulder. This in itself was a shock, not to mention the excruciating pain I was in at the time.

 During this challenging time in my life I took comfort from the earth angels that came to my side. One such angel was Natasha. With open arms and the kindest heart she worked her magic on me often to bring not only pain relief, and more sleepwhich of course I desperately needed, but more so. She brought me the courage to know that I would be OK. She never failed to encourage me to conquer my fears, and helped me to believe that I would heal, and I would be able to work again as I had before the accident.

Fifteen weeks on and I am happy to say that I am feeling great, and I am busier with my work than ever before. With the help of Natasha and her healing hands, and that Scenar machine she uses which was amazing, and then later with the exercises provided by my physiotherapist, I feel well again. All I can say is this, Natasha, when somebody needs someone at a time of great importance, you were there; for this, I will always be eternally grateful, and I tell everyone about you and your work. Bless you and from my heart. Me, China and Suzie love you so much.”

Mark Bajerski, International Psychic / Healer
www.markbajerski.com, Facebook: mark bajerski
Tel: 0034 649 369 009
The Heart that gives is always full.


vesnaSCENAR: Lower back pain, radiculopathy

“I had the opportunity to be introduced to Scenar therapy by dear Natasha.

I was experiencing problems with my lower back, trapped nerve on the right side.
After the second session with Natasha I already started to feel an improvement. Every other session was getting better and better. I had 6 sessions in total and continued afterwards with stretching daily to maintain the healing, which was also advised by Natasha.

Its been 7 months nearly since I had therapy given by Natasha and so far I am not experiencing any lower back pain nor any feeling of discomfort.

It was a pleasure meeting Natasha. She is an amazing therapist, always ready to help and assist when people are in need. Her dedication to work is proven through many successful healing results. Above all, her sense of humour and independent, yet communicative personality serves a lot to her clients. Natasha has a beautiful, friendly energy. It was my pleasure working with her.”

Vesna Ginoska
Corporate Events Services Executive


SCENAR: Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen shoulder)

“Many years ago I had an accident and fell on my left shoulder. Shortly after I could not lift my left arm more than 30° and even putting on a jacket caused a lot of pain. I found a solution with a doctor in Switzerland who injected a cocktail of some sort which immediately stopped the pain and restored the mobility. However, this injection only lasts 2 to 3 years. As the injection itself is extremely painful I tried to postpone it as long as possible.  

In November 2012 my pain and loss of mobility had become again very bad.  A friend who knew of my problem recommended that I should see Natasha. I have to explain that I am not a believer in alternate medicine and felt very hesitant to follow this recommendation. However, knowing I could not go to Switzerland for my injection before two months, I thought, what the heck, it cannot hurt to give it a try. 

My first treatment with Scenar did not heal my scepticism, quite the reverse but I thought, Natasha is a person with such a great amount of empathy, confidence, patience and devotion, I cannot let her down and will continue. Not only did I feel an enormous improvement after the second treatment, it was the 5th treatment, I believe, when I was almost pain free and had more or less the full mobility of my shoulder restored. Natasha had also recommended some exercises which I had done religiously. Anyway, I stopped the treatment with Scenar as I went back to Switzerland for the Christmas holidays, driving 90% of the 2000 km journey without any problem. Upon arrival my husband asked me, “how is your shoulder?” and I replied, “what shoulder?”  Since then I cannot remember I ever had a problem and I am a 100% convert. It is Natasha and her Scenar treatment for me from now on whenever needed and certainly no more injections. 

I not only believe in the Scenar treatment I also believe in Natasha and am now enjoying her full body massages in the privacy of our own home. She is a dream and I am not recommending her because I want to keep her to ourselves!”

B.Gantner-Caplan, Las Chapas


juliaSCENAR: Whiplash injury

1st February 2012

Dear Natasha

Thank you for completely healing my “whiplash” injury. I was in so much pain and so tense, but thanks to you and your miracle Scenar machine, the injury and pain went almost immediately.

You are a true professional and the care you take from the lengthy consultation to the advice on aftercare at home is beyond most professionals in your field.

I will recommend you to all my friends as I cannot believe how rapidly your treatment worked.

I hope I don’t have to see you again too quickly, except for a nice relaxing therapeutic massage.

Julia Provenzani, Property Management, La Cala Hills


SCENAR: Acute lower back pain

10th December 2012

Dear Natasha

Thank you again for sorting out my back. This is my second injury in under a year.  I really had hoped not to have to meet the “Scenar” again, but alas as a result of a particularly nasty fall on wet stairs, I was left with excruciating pain that I have never experienced before. It made me understand why people are off work with back pain!!

As you know, certain movements left me screaming with pain, like a hot poker driving into my back. I was taking anti-inflammatory and pain relief pills as often as I could, but they didn’t really do the trick.

 I called you and within a couple of days, you began your usual lengthy consultation and worked out exactly the spot I had damaged and then out came the Scenar and I had my first treatment on the area.

Within 2 days, my painful outbursts were just nasty twinges and I had stopped taking the pain killers and after my second treatment. All gone!!

My biggest worry was that I would end up with a “bad back” that “stabs” randomly like so many people I know after silly accidents, and being left unable to do the activities that I had done before. That was 2 months ago now, and in that time I have done lots of exercise and activities that would have challenged my healing. To this day, it is just a memory. I can’t believe such a nasty injury could be gone without a trace.

I really don’t think this would be the case, if I hadn’t come straight to you for treatment. I had meant to drop you a line and say thank you, but with no twinges to remind me, I clean forgot the problem. If I had left it to self-heal with the help of pills, this would not be the case.

Although I continue to sing your praises to my friends, I thought I would put down in writing my sentiment to you and your Scenar. Please use it as testimony to future clients as I cannot express enough my overwhelming appreciation of your professionalism and skill in the speed that you 100% healed the injury. The Scenar is an amazing piece of equipment but I really hope I don’t need to meet with it again!

I hope to see you for one of your nice relaxing therapeutic massages that you do so well.

Keep up the good work

Julia Provenzani, Property Management, La Cala Hills


veraSCENAR: Bruised bone – Hip

November 8th 2012

On June 10th 2012 on a concrete road I sustained an injury to my hip joint when a dog knocked me over. I could not run or walk normally up hill.

An x-ray showed nothing. I had to stop playing tennis and rested totally for 2 weeks! This did not work as other leg muscles atrophied which aggravated the condition.

I look after dogs, and they have to be exercised daily, so life became a little difficult.

“Scenar” was suggested to me and I started treatment in July with Natasha. My bruised joint has dislodged a small piece, and this was floating. With subsequent treatment over 4 months I am now playing tennis again and running with the dogs without injections or operations! The body can learn to heal itself and patience will be rewarded.

Vera Wates, Retired Pilot, Elviria


SCENAR & Sports Massage: Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen shoulder)

“In June 2011 I developed an extremely painful condition in my left shoulder called Frozen Shoulder or “Adhesive Capsulitis”. I had great difficulty moving my left arm more than about 60 degrees, and I couldn’t put my hand in my back pocket or reach behind my head without pain.

As a result, day to day living became very difficult. Even simple tasks such as buttoning my shirt or washing my hair caused excruciating pain at best, and at worse were simply impossible. I am a firm believer in natural approaches to medicine, and prefer wherever possible not to reply on “pills”. I visited my osteopath first and then an acupuncturist, who I took a course of 15 sessions with. I got some pain relief and more movement, but the process was slow, and a long way from being fully resolved.

I live in the countryside, and towards the end of the summer I had the misfortune of being bitten by a spider on my leg. I had an allergic reaction and my leg became very swollen; walking was difficult, and driving was out of the question. This unfortunately put a stop to my acupunture sessions for a while. Several weeks later the pain in my leg had started to subside, but my frozen shoulder was becoming more painful again.

A good friend of mine mentioned that she had received an electro-therapy treatment called Scenar for a trapped nerve in her neck which had caused shooting pains down her arms. She had been cured within 4 sessions, without side effects, and no recurring pain. She gave me Natasha’s number and I booked my first session.

From the very first meeting with Natasha I felt at ease. She conducted a thorough consultation regarding my medical history, diet and lifestyle. She also tested my range of movement and explained to me about my condition, and how Scenar therapy could help. We also discussed the probable cause of my condition. I had changed my car in March 2011, and in the summer had been driving with the air-con on far too high, and of course it had been directed towards my left shoulder.

I began with Scenar sessions every 3-4 days, and then once a week. After the second session, I started to notice some positive changes. I had less pain and more movement. I was impressed! We continued and I made rapid progress over the next month. Natasha began with just Scenar and then combined with remedial massage and stretching. I was also given exercises to do at home. Around 80% of my movement had returned after about eight weeks. The last 20% was more difficult but I am pleased to say that I now have about 98% of my movement back, and no pain. I am still doing daily exercises to get the final 2% back.

I have had no side effects other than a little heat in the area after the treatment which goes within a few hours, and I felt very tired after the session, but sleep well. I was so impressed that I have recommended Natasha to my wife Susan Roberts who has also written a testimonial. I have also recommended Natasha to many of my friends, all have had some relief with Scenar, and many have had considerable relief where other approaches have failed. I believe in this treatment and will continue to recommend to others.

Mike Roberts, Retired Telecommunications Engineer, Mijas


SCENAR: Vertigo, Sciatica, Lower back pain

“I had been suffering from a condition which was affecting my balance for over a month and had been to my G.P. to have my blood pressure checked which was normal. I had also been to my chiropractor to have some spinal adjustments which may have been restricting the blood flow to my head. I had some improvement in symptoms, but by no means had the condition been resolved.

I also suffer from lower back pain, sciatica and pains in my knees from time to time. I look after over 70 animals which is funded by ourselves and by donations from the community. I love the work I do, but it is stressful at times, and physically demanding.

I was feeling very low, so my husband Mike Roberts suggested that I try Scenar therapy with Natasha. He had recently started with Scenar for his frozen shoulder and was already having great success.

So in November I started treatment. I was surprised to experience some positive changes shortly after the first session. I didn’t feel as dizzy when I got up in the morning, but later on in the afternoon the symptoms had returned. Encouraged by even a small change, I booked a course of treatments.

After the third session the improvement was considerable. In fact I was about 80% better! The dizziness was far less frequent and not as severe. I had also been doing some exercises my chiropractor had given me for my lower back issues which were helping.

I finished my course of Scenar therapy in 7 sessions, and I am pleased to say I am feeling so much better. The problem with my balance is barely noticeable, and I have had no further occurrences of sciatica.

To be honest, I don’t believe that the Scenar made a huge difference with my back pain, but certainly didn’t make things worse. I have had more joy from my daily exercises. However, I am extremely grateful to Natasha and her Scenar for helping to resolve the problem with my balance. I now have occasional maintenance sessions of Scenar as and when I feel I need a session. The additional bonus being that the treatment makes me feel happier! I have more energy, I sleep better, and I feel more positive.”

Susan Roberts, Mijas
Charity Worker, Supporting Animal Welfare


sarah small 2SCENAR: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

“I’m a beauty therapist, so my posture isn’t great! My neck is always in flexion bent over doing a pedicure, or my wrists are over extended doing massage. I suffer with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which gives me severe pain from time to time in my wrists and arms. Scenar really helps to reduce the pain, followed by a massage to stretch the tight muscles. The results are immediate for me, I haven’t got the throbbing pain that shoots down my wrist! I’ve only had the Scenar treatment twice and it has definitely helped me out. The machine is fab! It was also able to show other imbalances, in that my coccyx was damaged due to a bad fall 5 years ago!
I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for relaxation and results!”

Sarah Pierce, Mobile Beauty Therapist
www.beautyonwheels.es, Facebook: beautyonwheels Spain
Tel: 0034 693 109 293


SCENAR & Sports Massage: Cervical and Thoracic pain

“A friend strongly recommended Natasha and the Scenar system to me as I was suffering from constant back and shoulder pain over a long period of time. Natasha quickly detected the problem areas and after a few treatments using Scenar, the pain eased considerably. With a continued course of massages and Scenar treatment I am happy to say I have no significant back or shoulder problems and the pain I had has not returned.

I was impressed with the Scenar method and Natasha showed a deep knowledge and understanding of my condition. With her hard working, no nonsense approach, coupled with what seems to be a natural ability to heal, I have no hesitation in recommending Natasha and Scenar. Thanks Natasha!”

Gary Skitterall, Mijas Costa


SCENAR: Spondylolithesis (L3-L5)

“I have been suffering from a bad back for many years and have tried EVERYTHING! I heard about Scenar from a friend and thought I would try it. What did I have to lose! Nothing and gained everything! I know I have degenerative problems with my back and a cyst on a lumbar facet joint. I did not expect the Scenar treatment to resolve these issues BUT what it appears to have done is to kick start my own body’s ability to heal itself. The pain in my back and down my inside thigh has improved enormously. I also had a trigger thumb and now have full movement back in it, an added bonus! I also feel very relaxed after a treatment and like the fact that the readings from the Scenar machine can be collated over the period of the treatments, so one can see for oneself the improvement – this appeals to me – the machine doesn’t lie!”

Carol Stevenson, Mijas


Deep Tissue Massage: Backache following child-birth

“Following the birth of my daughter, I found that sleep deprivation, frequent stooping, almost constant carrying of my “little bundle” and the stitches from giving birth all took a toll on my body.

A sympathetic friend treated me to a massage with Natasha. I found the massage deeply relaxing and realised how much I needed it. Natasha took into account my history and tailored her treatment to meet my needs. Her wealth of experience, sense of professionalism and caring nature were obvious from the moment she started.

I could feel the benefits immediately and recognised that looking after myself at this crucial moment was not a luxury but a necessity. I booked Natasha in for a series of sessions over several months to help my aches and pains and bring my body back into balance.

I am now free of back pain (and my daughter weighs 3 times that amount now !) and I know that Natasha played a huge part in helping me get better.

Thank you Natasha for your special care and attention.”

With love,

Christina Kelly, Fuengirola


Mo 2 Deep Tissue Massage & Reflexology: Lower back pain

Over the years Natasha has given me many massage and reflexology sessions for lower back pain, and for general stress relief. My sessions with Natasha have been enlightening, relaxing and soothing.  Lower back pain problems have been hounding me for years, and I had become reliant on pain killers for the inflammation, but found they were affecting my physical health more than repairing the issues. No more. My mental note to myself is ‘more therapy with Natasha’,  she works to explore in more depth what the problem could be and design a treatment for me, no pills, no pain, life just got so much easier.  Thank you Natasha for your hard work, research and help, I truly am impressed.”

Mo Zabrocki, Spanish Insight Magazine, Costa del Sol


Testimonials for clients treated el Oceano Spa

Deep Tissue Massage & Sports Massage: Frozen Shoulder

“A number of years ago I sustained an injury to my right shoulder. After two operations, damaged ligaments, frozen shoulders, limited mobility and a lot of pain I decided to go and see Natasha for a deep tissue massage. Once a month for the last four years I have been having a massage and I have seen a significant improvement since having these treatments. My shoulder is much more flexible and I am now able to confidently go about my daily activities pain free. I have felt a real physical improvement and long-term relief from pain in my shoulder. Natasha always explains what she is doing during the treatments and has also educated me in giving me simple exercises to do at home in order to keep my shoulder in good health. I am extremely impressed with the work Natasha has carried out and would highly recommend her services to anyone. Natasha is a natural, she enjoys her job and she cares.”

Tracey O’Keefe, Chef, Fuengirola


 Deep Tissue Massage & Reflexology: Muscular tension / stress relief

“I have been coming to Natasha at El Oceano Spa for massage and reflexology treatments for over 3 years now. Her massages have really helped to release tension in my lower back, neck and shoulders.

I discovered reflexology many years ago, and am a firm believer in the health benefits of this therapy. I find reflexology particularly beneficial for stress relief, and the sessions really help me to unwind. I have received reflexology in various other spas and salons and they don’t compare to Natasha’s! Natasha has a kind and caring disposition and helps me to feel relaxed immediately. If I could spend the whole day having treatments I would! I can thoroughly recommend Natasha as a holistic therapist.”

Toni Crook, Marbella


elaine Holistic Massage: Muscular tension / stress relief

“Following a car accident 11 years ago and a vast array of treatments to repair a damaged back and muscles, I was left in a state of stiffness and intermittent relapses. For 6 years I have lived with this pain and for fear of worsening my condition I have not let anyone treat my back. Whilst visiting the area last year on holiday Natasha gave me an amazing back massage with essential oils which was not only relaxing but soothing and relieved tension in my back. Natasha’s skills, experience and knowledge in her treatment assured me that I was in safe hands and I would recommend anyone to experience her back massages.”

Elaine Othen, Essex


“A very professional massage. Natasha was quick to deal with my tight knotted shoulders. I feel better already.”

Alex Cowie, UK


“Thank you Natasha, a great massage (my 2nd during my holiday!) and some good tips for strengthening my bad lower back.”

Amelie Whyte, UK


“A great massage. Stiffness in my neck has reduced. I feel so much better – very relaxing also. Many thanks.”

Geraldine Murphy, Northern Ireland


“What a special and great massage. You are absolutely excellent. If anyone needs a massage they have to be with you! Thank you very much!”

Isabel, The Netherlands


“Thank you Natasha for a great neck and head massage! I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends. Good luck with learning Italian!”

Elizabeth, UK


“Absolutely excellent, experienced with my injury. Very impressed.”

Jackie, London, UK


Dear Natasha,

Thank you very much for the most wonderful half hour of relaxation. I didn’t want it to end. I better have another one tomorrow!

Hedeel, UK


“I have many damaged discs in my back and Natasha was excellent at relieving my muscular pains, so much so I would like to put her in my suitcase and take her home with me!”

Sherrie, London UK


“Thank you Natasha, your massage was totally amazing. I feel fab and really chilled now ! What a way to spend my 1st anniversary.”

Deb, Fuengirola


“Thank you Natasha for an excellent back neck and shoulder massage. It really helped my stiff back. The reflexology was so relaxing and the best I have ever had. I would highly recommend you to anyone. You are brilliant.”

Lorraine Bensted, UK


“I think it’s the best massage I ever had. What a pity you are not in Paris ! Excellent and very relaxing reflexology. Thank you for this peaceful moment.”

Anne Bouveldkitel, France