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machine on backIs Scenar safe ?

Completely – in over 30 years of daily use, there are no reports of negative side effects. Scenar uses the most natural and gentle of healing processes – those in your own body. Scenar has been used in Russia since 1972, and the inventors including Alexander Karasev were awarded the prestigious Lenin Prize for their development of this device.

Scenar has been used in the UK for over 10 years, and has undergone extensive and well documented medical trials. See links page. Scenar devices have been officially licensed for pain relief by the British Standards Institute.

Today Scenar is used as a mainstream medical device by G.P’s, physiotherapists and health care practioners in many countries worldwide including: Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Holland, UK, USA and Australia. There are very few conditions contra-indicated, persons fitted with a pacemaker being the main one.

Scenar is non-manipulative, non-invasive, non-toxic, non-addictive, and is safe to use with people of any age from babies to the very elderly.

Scenar Contpacemakerra-indications

Those fitted with cardiac pacemakers and other electrically-controlled implants cannot be treated with Scenar therapy. It is in theory safe to use in the presence of almost every other condition, but for practical reasons, we generally prefer to be cautious.


So, clients with the following conditions cannot be treated at Natasha Lazzerini Holistic Health:

  • We avoid directly treating heart conditions like rapid and irregular heart beat. Undiagnosed pain and tumours.
  • Epilepsy
  • Pregnant women. However Scenar is highly recommended for treating the back pain experienced by many women after giving birth.
  • Those with alcohol or drug dependencies
  • Those with serious psychological disturbances, who require more specialist assistance.
Will Scenar affect my conventional medical treatment ?

Before you begin a course of Scenar treatments, we advise seeing your GP for an overall diagnosis. If you’re under their care already, it’s best to tell your doctor that you’re also receiving Scenar treatment, especially once you see a change in symptoms -he or she should be the one to decide whether this justifies reducing the dosage of any medication you might be taking.

What will happen during my Scenar treatment ?

Prior to your first Scenar session, an initial half hour consultation will be carried out. This information is necessary to ensure that the treatment is suitable and includes your medical history, current medical conditions or symptoms, lifestyle, diet and exercise. Your therapist will also assess your biomechanics, and posture.

Your therapist will then place the Scenar device onto your skin typically at the site of pain or injury. It is often placed on the spine, in order to stimulate the entire nervous system. Treatments are provided as a standalone Scenar treatment or can be effectively combined with remedial massage therapy.

What does Scenar feel like ?

Clients typically report a tingling sensation, or heat. This is often felt slightly more strongly over the area of complaint, but is never painful. In general the feeling is of comfort and relief. Many clients report a reduction in pain after the second or third treatment, and improved sleep and mood are also common.

How long will my Scenar treatment take ?

Treatments usually take approximately 1 hour depending on your complaint (your first session will take 1.5 hours). This will also allow time for your therapist to give advice on simple improvements to your diet, and provide stretches and exercises to aid treatment where necessary.

* In some cases clients will be referred to a recommended nutritionist for in-depth dietary advice to support their healing process.

How many treatments will I need and how often ?

pen and padThis is very much client dependant. Factors such as your age, general health, condition, and the degree of pain will determine the number of treatments required. Acute conditions and recent injuries tend to heal quicker, and in some cases we may need to treat daily. For chronic conditions (long term pain) two or three sessions per week is preferable until symptoms subside, and then 1 session per week is sufficient. Sometimes several courses of treatment are required with break periods. Other conditions, such as simple back pain or a mild sports injury, often resolve in three – four sessions.

Can I combine Scenar with other therapies?

chiroThere are many different complimentary therapies available nowadays, e.g. chiropractic, osteopathy, reflexology, and Bowen technique. Our collective goal as therapists is to assist our clients in their natural ability to heal. There are many therapies which are compatible with one another. However, you may become confused as to which therapy is working most effectively for you, and for this reason, we would advise working with one therapist at a time.

 Client Advice
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine in significant quantities whilst receiving Scenar treatments.water
  • It’s also best to avoid eating a large meal, for two hours before or after treatment.
  • Drinking a glass of filtered water before and after each treatment is recommended, as is drinking 1.5 litres of water a day during a course of treatments.
  • Sometimes people feel tired after Scenar treatment, and may need to have a nap at some point, others feel a slight increase in symptoms temporarily for a day or two. This occurs when old problems and toxins come to the surface for elimination, especially is the body is doing this too quickly. Occasionally clients feel a lack of energy and as if they have a cold. However, this is followed by a noticeable reduction in pain as they body begins to heal itself.

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